3.58 Million Tablets PC Sold in China in 2013Q2

The statistics from EnfoDesk, newly released by Analysys International, shows that China tablet PC sales reached 3.58 million, with a sequential growth rate being 5.2 percent.



EnfoDesk, Analysys International hold that the growth of Chinese tablet PC market sales slowed down with a sequential growth rate being only 5.2 percent in 2013Q2. There has been a decline of its sales for the first time mainly due to the weak sales of Apple's tablet Pc. And this quarter, SamsungĄ¯s eye-catching performance make its product seek after by the market after the official release of N5110 Galaxy Note 8.0, which dramatically increase the Samsung tablet PC overall sales, pulling the overall market growth. It is worth mentioning that the domestic tablet PC brand, like Taidian and Onda, is hot on the online selling channels and has earned more market share with low prices and high product value,.

Throughout the three major tablet PC platforms, iOS declined significantly, it will be difficult to suppress the trend of its market share being eroded; Windows was tepid, the release of Microsoft Surface and continuous price cuts did not enhance the Windows market activity; Android quickly seized the tablet PC market with a crushing force with many manufacturers involving in the competence and the rich cost-effective models that covered all price consumer groups and constantly refresh product upset. If Apple cannot launch an innovative Tablet PC recently, AndroidĄ¯s market share will exceed iOS just around the corner.


Research definition:

Tablet PC (Tablet Personal Computer) is a kind of rising mobile Internet terminals which is small, easy to carry and be able to access the network. It has a separate mobile terminal OS to achieve application development. The size of its screen ranging from 5 inches to 11 inches, with the touch screen or stylus as the basic input device.

Market sales refers to the sales of Tablet PC manufacturers in Chinese market.( Labeling foundry products are mainly based on its labeling brands. Very few terminal manufacturers will supply for overseas shipments and the data of overseas sales are not counted in this report).