Analysys International: Bambook Took More E-reader Market Share in 2011Q3

Analysys International: Bambook Took More E-reader Market Share in 2011Q3


According to the statistics recently released by EnfoDesk, Analysys International, Hanvon Technology occupied the first place in e-reader market in Q3, 2011, whose market share accounted for 56.92%. It was followed by SNDA Bambook.


Compared with last quarter, Analysys International finds that following 3 factors deserve our attention:


First, Hanvon found it hard to lower its terminal price and witnessed a gradual drop in its market share this quarter. As a distribution manufacturer, the lack of content is always its biggest weakness. ItĄŻs not easy to solve this problem in a short period of time even model of content subsidy from terminal is carried out. It was also hard to promote the mass market.


Second, market share of SNDA has increase. Content-focused, SNDA reduced its terminal price and increased its sales, making that its content resources transformed into capital. In this way, it saw a gradual increase of its market share.


Third, market share of overseas buying agents increased. In the overseas market, new AmazonĄŻs Kindle series and price reduction of Nook made the whole market share climb, especially in July and August. From September, this increase is not very marked due to strict control over overseas buying agents from the custom.


In addition, there was great change inside Aigo Company and significant adjustment has been made within e-reader business division. Except for overstocked products, Aigo was stuck in the lack of support from its follow-up team. It is predicted that Aigo E-reader will fade out of the market in Q4.


Research Definition


E-reader is a device for such professional digital contents as e-book, e-journal and e-document. Currently, e-reader will provide users with Wi-Fi or operatorsĄŻ network connection. Users can download directly the digitals and contents.


Sales Volume is the volume of e-readers that are sold in Chinese market. (Some device manufacturers sell their products overseas too. Those figures are not included in this report, so are the figures of foreign brand buying).


Research Statement

The industrial analyses, provided by Analysys International, mainly reflect the current situation, trend, inflection point, commercial law and manufacturersĄŻ situation. The figures and statistics are drawn by adopting a unique industrial analysis model combined with the research and study methods used by market, industry and manufactures. All the data are based on industrial macro and historical data, seasonal end-usersĄŻ and business information.


It is believed that data concluded from research into market and trade is within acceptable errors. It can reflect the trend and commercial laws accurately.

Results obtained by the means of professional research methods are for reference. The actual data can be obtained by checking on financial report issued by manufacturers.


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